A new season allows nature to blossom in new ways with sunlight changes and guarantees temperature and moisture. With these changes, our skin thus responds to it accordingly. Our skin protects our body against microorganisms, toxic agents, ultraviolet radiation, and dehydration, thus it is important to adjust our skin with the seasonal changes.

Spring Spring remind us the time has come for a need in beauty overhaul.. After months of harsh weather, skin is in dire need of a spring cleaning—meaning exfoliation.

  • Selecting a spherical scrub or an alpha hydroxy acid peel appropriate for the skin type will help remove dead, dry skin cells that block their natural radiance. It is important to remember that these exfoliating methods should only be used twice a week max, Less is more when it comes to exfoliation, especially if your skin is chronically sensitive
  • Never be combined since skin can be easily over-exfoliated, leading to a host of other problems. after exfoliating, that is a sign they are exfoliating too often.

Summer As the temperature rises, so does the natural oil in skin. Meaning the skin is likely to encounter occasional or frequent breakouts. Changing cleanser can be an easy fi x for this issue. During summer, our skin has more dirt, sweat oil and bacteria to remove. Therefore, a deeper penetrating gel cleanser that thoroughly sweeps away grease is much better than creamy cleansers..

  • If one happens to get too much sun, swap them back to a more gentle cleanser from earlier seasons. With a sunburn, the skin’s barrier may need restoring, so too harsh of a cleanser can further irritate the skin.

Autumn As autumn approaches, The cooler temperatures result in less humidity in the air, and we may notice their skin starting to feel parched. This indicates that it is time for we need a moisturizer change. As one may be aware oily skin to have lesser breakouts due to the lower humidity, but an oil-free moisturizer is still necessary. When our skin is dry and fl aky, consider to add a lipid-based moisturizer that will add suppleness and prevent water loss. Bear in mind to include moisturizing application, both in the morning and evening.

 Winter As winter approaches, snow and frigid temperatures will start to wreak havoc on the skin.

  • Dry, chapped and and lips are some classic results of dry air and cold winter wind. When it comes to protecting the lips, not all lip balms are created equal.
  • A formula with shea butter goes on soft, as opposed to waxy. Since hands have fewer oil glands, they get drier faster than the rest of the body. 


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